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NGOs differ from conventional companies in that their aim is to improve the world for social and humanitarian purposes. In order to carry out their humanitarian or social cause, they must be able to attract and retain donors and volunteers who find value in their cause.

We are seeing how there is a growing trend in online fundraising by NGOs. A study carried out by the Blackbaud Institute shows a global increase of between 30% and 60% in the last three years of online donations.

Online Giving Trend by Organization Size
Increase in online donations (source: Blackbaud Institute).

In this context of philanthropic growth, there has never been a better time for NGOs to ask for donations. Your NGO must be prepared to take advantage of the emerging opportunities. For this reason, in this post I share 6 examples of how various NGOs use popups to get more donations that can serve as inspiration for you. In addition, I also tell you how you can easily create them in your WordPress with the Nelio Popups plugin.

You can install the free version of Nelio Popups directly from your WordPress dashboard like any other plugin available on You can also take advantage now of the launch offer you have for the premium version with which you have additional features. And remember that you will also find more examples of popups in this post.

Sierra Club Popups

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest, largest, and most influential environmental organizations in the United States, whose primary goal is to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places on earth.

Sierra Club popup screenshot
Sierra Club popup screenshot.

The first time you enter the Sierra Club website, the popup shown in the image above appears. This popup freezes the image behind it and only allows you to click the popup button or link in the popups, or close the popup. Once closed, it saves a cookie and does not reappear in the user’s subsequent sessions. The goal is clear: a first-time user is invited to make a donation and they won’t be bothered on subsequent visits.

But not only that. In this website, more than one popup has been defined, so that not all users see the same window the first time they enter this website.

How do we create these popups with Nelio Popups? Once you have installed the Nelio Popups plugin, you have it available on your dashboard and you can create your first popup with the “Add New” option that you will find in the menu.

Add a new popup with Nelio Popups
Add a new popup with Nelio Popups.

The great advantage of the Nelio Popups plugin is that it is fully integrated with the WordPress block editor. Therefore, creating a popup with Nelio Popups is just as easy as when you create a post or page in WordPress, having at your disposal the same blocks that you have in the editor.

We can create this popup by first adding a couple of columns (one that occupies 80% of the popup for the main title and another for the link that you find on the right), and then we add a paragraph and a button that occupies the entire width of the popup.

Creating a popup like Sierra Club
Creating a popup like Sierra Club.

Once the popup is created, the creation of the others is even easier, since you can directly copy all the content (in the same way that you would do with any page), add a new popup, paste the created content and modify the text.

Additionally, what other features can we indicate? We can set its size (in this case 900 pixels wide), the position in which we want it to be displayed within the web (at the top with a margin of 10em), and how it appears (sliding down from the top). In addition, we can also indicate that a gray overlay layer is added behind the popup and that it has an icon to close it.

Preview of the created popup similar to Sierra Club
Preview of the created popup similar to the one shown on the Sierra Club website.

We can also indicate that it should be displayed on all pages and that it should appear as soon as the page is visited.

With the Nelio Popups plugin you can also indicate that this popup is not displayed together with other popups. Thus, even if we have created three popups with different content, we make sure that when a user enters a page, at a given moment, only one of the three will be displayed.

Advanced features of Nelio Popups
Advanced features of Nelio Popups.

As you can see in the image above, you also have the premium functionality to limit the number of times you want the popup to be displayed and how often you want this condition to be reset. This way, I make sure that the user who enters my site will see the popup only the first time, and will not see it again while browsing the site. At the end of the indicated period of time, this condition will be reset and the person will may see the popup again.

Humane Society Popups

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an American non-profit organization focused on promoting animal welfare and opposing animal-related cruelties on a national level. When you enter their website, a fantastic popup appears in the middle of the screen for you to take an action. In this case, to support sending a letter to the director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect hippos by listing them under the Endangered Species Act.

Popup displayed on the Humane Society US website
Popup displayed on The Humane Society US website.

In addition, in its global subsidiary, Humane Society International (HSI), with a presence in more than 50 countries, also shows a popup with a behavior similar to the above when visiting its website.

Popup displayed on the Humane Society International website
Popup displayed on the Humane Society International website.

In both cases, these powerful popups are only displayed the first time you visit the website.

How can we create them with Nelio Popups? In both cases, the popups can be created with a media & text block with an image and a title, paragraph, and button.

Displaying the blocks of a popup
Visualization of the blocks of a popup.

To make sure the image occupies the full space as a cover image, you can indicate this using the “Cover Image” style.

Selection of background image in a media block and text of a popup
Selection of cover image style in a media & text block of a popup.

After specifying the size and centered position of the popup, you can preview the result.

Visualization of the popup created with Nelio Popups
Visualization of the popup created with Nelio Popups.

And the behavior of both popups is very similar to the previous ones: they should appear on any page (without the fading effect), and we will limit the number of views to one per session.

Visualization of the popup created with Nelio Popups
Visualization of the popup created with Nelio Popups.

International Rescue Committee Popup

International Rescue Committee helps restore the health, safety, education, economic well-being, and power of people devastated by conflict and disaster. Right now, after a few seconds on the website, you will see a pop-up window asking you to make a donation to help the crisis in Ukraine.

Popup de la web International Rescue Committee
Popup shown in the International Rescue Committee site.

How do we create a popup like this with Nelio Popups? Here we have chosen to create a black cover block where we have added an image at the top that takes up the full width of the cover and a title, followed by a paragraph and a button.

Creating the IRC popup with Nelio Popups
Creating a popup like IRC with Nelio Popups.

In this popup we have added a 1-pixel line of a grayish color as a border and the cross to close the window of the same color.

Finally, we have also specified that it should appear after a few seconds and that it should only be seen once in the same session.

Visualization of the popup created by copying the one from the International Rescue Committee
Visualization of the popup created by copying the International Rescue Committee.

Catholic Relief Services Popup

Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the bishops of the United States to help the poor and vulnerable overseas. On their website they show a popup that only appears when you are about to leave their website. This popup asks you to take a survey.

Exit popup from the Catholic Relief Services website
Exit popup from the Catholic Relief Services website.

The popup is very easy to create, with a heading, a paragraph, an image. and a button. Of course, adorn it with a blue border so that it looks like the original.

Creation of the CRS-like popup
Creation of the popup similar to that of CRS.

In this case, the popup should only appear when the user tries to leave the web. This is very easy to set up with Nelio Popups.

Configuration in Nelio Popups so that it only appears when leaving the site
Configuration in Nelio Popups so that it only appears when leaving the site.

And voila, we already have our popup created.

Visualization of the popup created by copying the one from CRS
Visualization of the popup created by copying the one from CRS.

Save The Children Popup

Save The Children is an organization with more than 25,000 people working in 122 countries defending the rights and interests of children around the world, giving priority to the most vulnerable.

When entering their website, the following popup appears prominently:

Popup displayed on the Save The Children website
Popup shown on the Save The Children website.

With Nelio Popups, we can create this popup with a red cover type block and two columns. The first, wider, with the content of the text and the button. And the second, with the image.

Creating a copy of the Save The Children popup
Creating a copy of the Save The Children popup.

Additionally, we’ve added the close button, a dark gray overlay layer behind the popup, and added padding to the cover block so that it looks similar to the original. Finally, we only have to add that the popup is displayed when entering the web, only once, and every time there is a new session.

Visualization of the popup copied from Save The Children
Visualization of the popup copied from Save The Children.


Some NGOs, particularly in times of crisis, take the opportunity to show their visitors, as soon as they land on their websites, very visual popups for them to contribute to their causes. However, we see that in most cases, it is not a matter of bombarding the visitor with more popups. Usually, it is enough with a first display and wait a period of time until the popups is displayed again.

With a plugin like Nelio Popups, we have been able to see that creating popups is just as easy as when we create any page or post on our website. The editing of the content is done with the same blocks with which we are already familiar and we have a set of additional features that allow us to display the popups with the desired behavior. What are you waiting for to create your own popups on your website with Nelio Popups?

Featured image by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash.

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