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When designing digital marketing strategies, a large majority of companies and bloggers focus on mechanisms, either organically or through paid advertising, that generate more traffic to our website.

We spend a lot of time and resources trying to improve organic SEO while also running PPC campaigns to get more visitors to our websites.

But increasing site traffic is not the only metric that matters. You also need to focus on how visitors behave after landing on one of your pages. Do they convert? If not, that traffic is not turning into money and all your efforts will have been in vain.

Optimizing the conversion rate of a website is not easy. Fortunately, we know that one of the best ways to improve conversion is by A/B testing your site.

Why Should You Focus on A/B testing in 2023?

A/B tests are the perfect tool to get to the root of the problems on your website, continuously improve page performance, and generate more leads and sales.

The most important reasons why this year and in the future you should focus on creating A/B tests on your website are:

Increase Leads and Sales

A/B testing will help you better understand how to optimize certain design elements of your website. You’ll discover how subtle changes can have a big impact on getting your traffic to convert.

After running a series of tests, you’ll be able to improve key metrics of your marketing campaigns: the volume of leads, opportunities, and ultimately sales.

Test the Impact

The great advantage of A/B tests is that before introducing certain changes to your website, you can test the impact of those changes. This allows you to make marketing decisions based on real data analysis instead of intuition.

Increase Interest

A/B testing will help you create more engaging content that will drive users to convert more easily. Test different headlines, texts, and calls to action and you will get more users to click to learn more about your products.

Save Money

A/B testing is the best mechanism to reliably find out which design and processes on your website bring you the most revenue. Instead of focusing on other underperforming marketing strategies, you can cut costs and focus on what works best.

In short, an effective A/B test has a direct impact on your business results. A marketing strategy based on the creation of A/B tests is effortless and more cost-effective than other digital marketing alternatives.

A/B Test Ideas for 2023 and Beyond

How do we create effective A/B tests? Before I give you a set of ideas about what you should test, here are some posts that you might be interested if you haven’t created any A/B tests yet: a general guide to the process of creating A/B tests and, depending on the editor you use in your WordPress, you can see in detail how to create A/B tests with the block editor or how to create A/B tests with Elementor.

For the A/B test ideas that I am going to tell you about below, I recommend that you use Nelio A/B Testing, the best native WordPress plugin to create them. From your WordPress editor, without leaving WordPress or writing a line of code, creating and viewing A/B test results is as easy as editing a page on your website.

And now, without further ado, here is a list of some tests that you can start testing on your website to improve conversion.

Simplify Landing Pages

You have less than 10 seconds to get the message you want to convey to the user before they have left the site. Therefore, your value proposition must be brief and clear.

You shouldn’t include all the details about the benefits of your products on the landing pages. Be selective and test different alternatives with more impactful and shorter messages.

Add Images and Videos

Related to the previous point, replace or complement the text with images and/or videos. For example, a web design that stands out for its simplicity is that of Hyer in which you can see a moving plane that hypnotizes (in the screenshot below you can’t see the movement) the visitor’s attention and with the text, absolutely minimalist, it is very clear the service they offer.

Screenshot from Hyer's website
Screenshot from Hyer ‘s website.

Experiment with Fonts

There’s no accounting for taste. About the type and size of the font you like best, too. A typography can make the difference between increasing or decreasing the bounce rate and conversion.

The typography of your website is one of the business cards of your brand: it transmits a specific personality and connects with the people who visit any of the pages of your site. It is one of the keys to the visual aspect of your website along with the images, content, videos, and other material.

Test different fonts taking into account:

  • If you want to convey a traditional or innovative company message,
  • Avoid using fonts with baroque or ornate designs that end up tiring visitors,
  • Choose different fonts for different purposes: announcing an offer is different from sharing a privacy policy,
  • Select different weights (light, medium, bold, italics, etc.) for more visual impact.

Look for different guides and manuals on recommended fonts that can help you find the key for your website.

Change Calls to Action

Calls to action take users from the page they are on, such as a landing page or blog post, to the next stage of your sales funnel, such as the pricing page. With calls to action, you get users to take a certain action on your website. By changing the text and appearance of your call-to-action buttons, you can get more users to move through the funnel faster.

Place calls to action in several places: on blog posts, to get users visit the product pages; on the home page, for them to fill out a contact form;and in many other places.

Create an A/B test to test different texts and call-to-action buttons and you will know if a different text increases your conversion rate. You can also test elements like the CTA button’s color, size, and placement.

Test Different Elements of Social Proof

Successful company logos that your users know about, big numbers, and testimonials can have a huge impact on the trust people place in your brand. These are the elements that make up the social proof of your customers’ satisfaction.

Experiment with different elements of social proof: customer reviews that reflect the ideal person profile and place them in highly visible places. If you have won an award or recognition, add it in the footer of the page or in a highly visible area. Perform several A/B tests to find out the ideal location to place these elements on the page.

It also builds trust to know more about social proof, not just that people have rated it very positively or that companies endorse your products or services. Test adding a button that takes the interested user to a testimonial or review page where they can learn more details about your users’ experience.

Clear Benefits

Something that confuses us when we enter a website is not knowing exactly what it offers and what it will bring me. Many times you find abstract and general messages that are the same for any product.

Experiment by testing different texts that clearly show the benefits of your product. Test different locations where to show these benefits and analyze which alternative improves conversion.

Advantages of Nelio A/B Testing
Advantages of Nelio A/B Testing.

Easily Create These Tests on Your Website

Creating A/B tests on a WordPress website is very easy if you use a tool like Nelio A/B Testing. You don’t need technical knowledge and the results you will get will be much more reliable than the intuition of “most experts”.

You only have to specify the variants to test using the WordPress editor that you already know, indicate the conversion objectives and run the test. Nelio A/B Testing will take care of distributing the traffic that reaches your website among the different variants and will show you the visits and conversions of each variant at all times. In addition, one of the great advantages of using this tool is that the moment you obtain a variant as a winner, with a single click it becomes the definitive on your website.

Button to apply a winner in Nelio A/B Testing
Button to apply a winner in Nelio A/B Testing

Here we have provided you with 6 ideas that you can play with on your website, but we would love to hear about other ideas that you have tried on your website and share the results in the comments section.

Featured image by Maria Lupan on Unsplash.

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