During the first two weeks of November we had been celebrating the first year of Nelio A/B Testing. During the past 52 weeks, we improved our service and took it to the next level. Today, it’s one of the most complete, powerful, and user-friendly tools (if not the only) for A/B-testing your WordPress site. If you’re considering Nelio as your A/B Testing solution for WordPress, you’re probably wondering what it offers that’s different from its competition and why this matters. In this post, I’ll summarize the top 5 reasons to use Nelio A/B Testing.

5. Native A/B Testing Solution for WordPress

Nelio A/B Testing is a solution specifically designed for WordPress. From its very conception, our service aims to bring the A/B testing experience and techniques to WordPress. Compared to external A/B testing tools, a native solution has some tremendous benefits:

  • You don’t need to learn a new external tool. If you’re testing a WordPress site, why would you ever need to leave WordPress? Nelio A/B Testing integrates everything you need in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Create alternative pages and posts using your editors. Imagine you’re using Visual Composer for creating your pages. Why would you leave that behind to create page alternatives? With our plugin, creating alternatives is as easy as creating new content!
  • Test everything. A/B testing a site is not only about changing the HTML code of a page. With Nelio, you’ll be able to change pages, posts, headlines, themes, CSS fragments, widgets… All standard WordPress elements can be modified and tested according to your needs.
  • Smarter tests with a consistent experience. Think, for instance, of creating an alternative version of one of your posts. The alternative version may have a different title, featured image, and excerpt. When a user accesses the post, this post is obviously A/B-tested (the original or the alternative title, featured image, and excerpt are shown). But what if that same user accesses your «Latest Posts» page? What if the post is referenced from a widget in a sidebar? Clearly, the visitor should see the same information everywhere… but does she? In order to perform this “finer, smarter testing”, one needs to know that some “piece of HTML” shown elsewhere in your page (which is what generic A/B testing services see) is, in fact, the HTML that renders the post you’re A/B testing. With a native service such as ours, you can deliver a consistent experience all over your website always showing the same (original or alternative) content with independence from where it is rendered.
Alternative Widget Set Editor
Editing Alternative Widget Sets is Super Easy

4. User-Friendly and Extremely Powerful

Nelio A/B Testing is about getting things done. We want you to focus on creating experiments and track their progress. That’s why we use a user interface you already know. The process of creating experiments is straightforward and simple:

  1. decide the kind of experiment you want to create (pages, posts, widgets, …),
  2. select the element you want to test,
  3. create one or more alternatives, and
  4. define the conversion actions you want to track.

But easy doesn’t mean simple. If you want to, Nelio A/B Testing gives you the option to tweak its Settings so that you can adapt its behavior to your needs.

Basic and Advanced Settings
Nelio A/B Testing is extremely easy to use, but also a powerful tool.

3. Beautiful Heatmaps and Clickmaps

Heatmaps (and Clickmaps) offer valuable information about what your visitors do and don’t do when they land to your website. Also, they are a perfect companion of A/B experiments, for they give insights on what to text next and help you understand the progress of your experiments.

Example of Heatmaps in Our Pricing Page
Heatmaps show valuable information about the areas in which your users pay more attention.

2. Amazing Support

WordPress is an amazing platform with endless options to customize, extend, and adapt it to your specific needs. If you ever encounter a compatibility issue, if you think a relevant feature is missing, or if you have some trouble with anything, we’ll be more than glad to help! We want to make sure you’re happy with our product and the service we provide, so your needs will always be on top of our priority list.

What Our Customers Say
Just a few examples of what our customers say about our service and customer support.

1. Apply Winner with a Single Click

In the end, A/B testing has one clear goal: to improve your site and, thus, your conversion rate. Every time you create alternative versions of your pages, posts, headlines, or whatever, you expect one of them to beat your current version. When that happens, you’ll want to make the winning alternative permanent.

If you’re using external A/B testing tools, you define the alternative content elsewhere and, as soon as there’s a winning alternative, you have to reproduce its changes in your live version of WordPress. Isn’t this silly? Why do you need to redo your work? Nelio A/B Testing makes this much easier! We’ve already discussed how you create alternatives from within WordPress, which means all the relevant changes are already in WordPress… which means that, once the experiment is over, making them permanent is as easy as clicking a button!

Apply the Winner Easily
With Nelio A/B Testing, applying the winner alternative is as easy as clicking a button!

Not yet convinced? Try it yourself!

I’d like to encourage you to give our service a try. You’ll love it, and I’m sure you’ll find more than five reasons to keep using Nelio!

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