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Like every year, it is time to look back and review everything we’ve done over the last twelve months. We love to give you an overview of the most important things we achieved and present it to you as a new article of our blog. We did it in 2015 and 2016, so we couldn’t fail in 2017 ?. So, without further ado, here I leave you with the summary of our 2017. Hope you like it!

The Blog in Numbers

As in previous years, let’s start by reviewing the data from Nelio’s blog. Even though we also have our blog in Spanish, here I’ll be focusing on the details of the English version you’re visiting right now. In 2017 we published 104 new articles on the blog. Twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, without failing any day. Not bad considering that the blog is only a small part of what we do. Compared to last year, that’s three more posts. Best of all, keeping up this pace was easier than in previous years. The truth is that having our editorial calendar with Nelio Content has helped a lot. We’ve reach our goals and will try to do the same in 2018.

As for the comments, we’ve broken the record again. Nelio Software’s blog has had 161 new comments in 2017! We reached this number even though we closed the comments on some of our most popular posts during this year. The reason was that they had become some sort of support threads with little relation to the original content (remember that WordPress support is available in the official forums).

Editorial calendar of Nelio Software in 2017. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a new post for our readers.
Editorial calendar of Nelio Software in 2017. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a new post for our readers.

Considering that in 2016 we only received 65 comments, we have more than increased your participation. And we are happy to continue answering your questions and reading your opinions about our content, as it encourages us to keep working hard every day. Thank you, everyone!

Most-read Articles

Following the analysis, here is the top-10 ranking of the most visited posts during 2017. Do not miss them:

  1. WordPress Migration Problems and How to Fix Them (2015)
  2. Essential Atom Packages For Every Web Developer (2017)
  3. Beautiful Google Maps in WordPress (2016)
  4. How to Upload Additional File Types in WordPress (2016)
  5. 50 Great WooCommerce Websites (2015)
  6. 12 Books to Master WordPress and Improve Yourself in 2017 (2017)
  7. How to Use an Image URL to set the Featured Image (2014)
  8. CSS Grid—The Future of Web Design is Already Here (2017)
  9. Introduction to Unit Testing in WordPress – PHPUnit (2016)
  10. Which Color Converts The Best? (2015)

It’s a fact that you like WordPress-related topics. One interesting thing about our list of top posts is the fact that old posts are still relevant and attract visitors. Therefore, it’s clear that, in our case, promoting old posts is vital as most of our most popular hits are pre-2017. If you don’t have a plugin that reshares old content, check out Nelio Content and its Social Automations feature. We’ve activated it in our blog and the plugin is now responsible of resharing old content automatically.

Interviewing Nice People

One of the most popular sections in our blog is the interview section. This year we have also interviewed WordPress professionals and started a new series of interviews with our clients. Even if it doesn’t seem so, interviewing is complicated and time-consuming. But it is worthwhile to be able to read the opinions of people as interesting as those who have visited our blog this year. We hope you all feel the same way. We were lucky enough to interview all these great people in 2017:

Thanks to all interviewees for their time and dedication. Don’t think that this ends here, we have already prepared new interviews for 2018, so stay tuned because very interesting things are going to happen ?

Business Status

The most substantial change we had in 2017 has been our new office. After 3 years enjoying a space inside the startup incubator of Barcelona Activa, we moved to the Parc Tecnològic in Barcelona.

From the point of view of web analytics, I want to highlight the substantial increase in the number of visits we have achieved. These twelve months alone have seen a 50% increase in visits to the website, reaching up to 70,000 visits per month. It’s clear that using Nelio Content to promote our content is really working. Since we developed the plugin and used it on this website we have multiplied by 7 times the number of visits.

As far as development is concerned, the most interesting functionality we have come up with this year was the Social Automations of Nelio Content. The promotion in social networks is one of the heaviest and most time-consuming tasks if you want to do it well. We almost didn’t do anything, but thanks to our tool, now we don’t stop. Social Automations make us more efficient, since almost everything works without our intervention. It’s a pleasure to be able to promote both your new and old content so easily.

Finally, it should also be noted that in 2017 we managed to increase revenue by 25% without increasing expenses (except for our salaries, of course). This is not bad at all given the resources we have. We are also proud to see that with Nelio Content we are penetrating a little more into the Spanish market.

What We Expect From 2018

2018 looks like it’s going to be a year of fun. Adapting our plugins to Gutenberg will be one of the greatest challenges we’ll have to face in the upcoming months. With the release of the new block editor scheduled for April 2018, we have no choice but to work on it after the holidays.

Another big challenge for 2018 is WordCamp Barcelona. We are very excited about this topic and want to push forward the project and build a quality event in our city. Soon you will have news about this, which we hope you enjoy.

Last, but not least, this new year we’ll continue to offer our customers the services they need—in 2018 we will keep evolving our plugins following WordPress guidelines and the needs of our users, offering quality support. And all this while we’re having fun, which is ultimately what it’s all about ?

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