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It’s been a long year here at Nelio. We’ve worked harder than ever to bring you the best native A/B testing solution for WordPress. And believe me, that hasn’t been easy. We’re a small company located in Barcelona, but our commitment is huge. This article summarizes all the tasks and achievements we accomplished during 2015. Hope you like it!

Our 2015 in Numbers

We’ve surpassed 1,000+ active installs of our plugin (not bad for a premium plugin that costs money!). In addition to it, Nelio A/B Testing has been downloaded almost 20,000 times from the WordPress Plugin Directory. We’re really proud of that. You can see the evolution below.

Downloads per day of Nelio A/B Testing during the last months.
Downloads per day of Nelio A/B Testing during the last months.

We’ve released 31 updates to Nelio A/B Testing, from version 3.4.0 to actual 4.3.2. We take client satisfaction really seriously, and that’s why we always love to hear from you. Your suggestions make us progress to new features that are beneficial to all of you. We’re the only ones that allow you to natively split test your WordPress menus and your WordPress widgets. Listening to your demands, we released a first approach to test WooCommerce product summaries. And we improved the general stability and efficiency of the core.

Regarding customer support, we’ve spent a lot of resources answering your questions, fixing your problems, and trying to make everything smoother for you. During 2015 we’ve received 664 support tickets in our system, and we’ve resolved 97% of them (still working on the last ones received recently 😉 ). In addition to it, our average response times are extremely short (taking into account our company size is really small). Take a look at the following summaries:

Summary of customer support activity during 2015.
Summary of customer support activity during 2015.
Classification of support tickets.
Classification of support tickets.

We know that when you buy something (a theme, a plugin) for WordPress, you may get surprises. Developers that disappear, companies that ignore you… And we hate that. Customer support is the basis of our company. That’s the reason we claim we don’t sell a plugin, but provide a service. Providing the best support we can with the limited resources we have is mandatory. It pays for itself. We love to listen to you, to hear from you. And, as aforementioned, your feedback makes us growth. And your satisfaction makes us happy!

Thanks to all of it, our customers have created more than 6,500 split testing experiments. The most popular experiment is the split testing experiment of pages (almost half the experiments split tested WordPress pages). The second position in the podium goes to heatmap experiments. Our customers love them! More than 1,300 heatmaps were created (and yes, they’re super easy, yet informative). We totally recommend to use them as the starting point for a conversion rate optimization strategy.

We’ve registered more than 2,500 different WordPress installations, and we’ve tracked an enormous amount of page views from our customers’ visitors. The real number is close to 8 million! Can you believe that? And most important thing is that your WordPress installations didn’t get stressed, because all this tracking data came directly from your visitors’ browsers to our cloud infrastructure. We processed it and sent you back the results. You just had to sit and relax.

Moreover, we’ve found time to write 68 new posts during 2015 in our blog (that’s 17 more than in 2014, when we wrote 51). Go read them! There are several topics covered, including guides and tutorials on how to use Nelio A/B Testing, and some split testing ideas you should test in your WordPress. But the most exciting thing we prepared in the second half of this year was the production of video tutorials to help you get a grasp of Nelio’s split testing features. Just visit our Youtube channel and play this playlist to get started.

All of this made us receive a 60% more visitors in our website than in 2014. You’ve also helped us spread the word through mail recommendations and publishing in Twitter and Facebook, which made new customers to discover us. And as a consequence, we’ve doubled the revenues of Nelio A/B Testing in comparison with 2014. We’re really grateful for that!

Taking everything into account, we only have one thing to say: THANK YOU!!! You’re awesome! Hope you have a great 2016 optimizing your WordPress sites. We’ll be here for you.

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