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There are still some who believe that WordPress is a CMS suitable exclusively for bloggers or small and medium-sized businesses. Nothing could be further from truth, WordPress is increasingly used by large companies that can have millions of monthly visits. For this reason we see a growth of hosting providers with exclusive WordPress services for large companies such as WordPress VIP, and of whom we are technology partners.

Today we want to share with you some examples of large companies that do use WordPress on their websites. Before showing you some examples, though, I just wanted to let you know that you too can easily check if a website is using WordPress. To do so, you can use websites like What WP Theme Is That, Is It WP or WP Theme Detector, among others. You also have an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers, WordPress Theme Detector and Plugins Detector that you can install to quickly check if any website is WordPress.

Nelio's website
Nelio’s website. You can see how in the top bar, to the right of the URL, the WordPress Theme Detector extension tells me in blue that the website is a WordPress site.

Alternatively, you can check if a website is a WordPress website by inspecting the source code of the page. In many occasions you will find information that will indicate that it is a WordPress website.

Source code from NY Post
NY Post source code where you can see URLs that include wp-content.

Now, without further ado, let’s see different examples of WordPress websites of large companies where for each of them I indicate the number of monthly visits it has according to Similarweb. The list is arranged in alphabetical order.


The official James Bond website has a total of more than 148.5K visits per month.

Website 007
007 website.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds website has a total of about 393.4K visits per month.

Angry Birds website
Angry Birds website.


Capgemini is the first French multinational technology consulting services corporation, headquartered in Paris with almost 270,000 employees in almost 50 countries. Their WordPress website has 3.8 million monthly visits.

CapGemini website
Capgemini website.


Essence is a monthly fashion, beauty, culture, and entertainment magazine for African-American women with more than 3.7 million views per month.

Essence website
Essence website.


FanSided is one of the fastest growing sports, entertainment, and lifestyle websites on the Internet currently having over 6 million monthly visits.

FanSided website
FanSided website.

Microsoft Blog

The Microsoft blog has about 681.8K visits per month.

Microsoft Blog
Microsoft Blog.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News website has about 1.7 million monthly visits.

Microsoft News website
Microsoft News website.

News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is one of Australia’s largest media conglomerates and its website has 1.1 million monthly visits.

News Corp Australia website
News Corp Australia website.

National Review

National Review is an American conservative editorial magazine focused on news and commentary on political, social, and cultural issues. Its website has about 6.2 million monthly visits.

National Review website
National Review website.

New York Post

The New York Post is the oldest newspaper in the United States and has 145.6 million monthly visits.

NY Post website
NY Post website.

Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation, whose goal is to inspire, connect and empower people to change the world, has about 318.4K visits per month.

Obama Foundation Website
Obama Foundation website.


Observer is a web source for news and data on trends in the world and has 1.6 million visits per month.

Observer website
Observer website.


Reason is the leading liberal magazine and video website covering news, politics, culture, and more, with reporting and analysis. It has a total of 3.2 million visits per month.

Reason website
Reason website.

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones website has a total of 23.4 million visits per month.

Rolling Stones website
Rolling Stones website.

Science News

Science News, a technology and science news and information website, has 1.4 million visits per month.

Science News website
Science News website.

Sony Music

Sony Music’s website has 187.9K visits per month.

Sony Music website
Sony Music website.

Spotify Newsroom

Spotify’s news website has about 862.6 K visits per month.

Spotify news website
Spotify News website.

Tech Crunch

The Tech Crunch website for technology news has about 11.9 million visits per month.

Tech Crunch website
Tech Crunch website.

TED Blog

The TED Blog website has about 270.1 K visits per month.

TED blog
Ted’s blog.

Texas Monthly

The news website Texas Monthly has 1.6 million visits per month.

Texas Monthly website
Texas Monthly website.

The American Scholar

The American Scholar has 161.2K visits per month.

The American Scholar website
The American Scholar website.

The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books website has 583K visits per month.

The New York Review website
The New York Review of Books website.

The White House

The US White House website has a total of 7.1 million monthly visits.

US White House website
The White House website.

The WholeDog Journal

This magazine for pet owners, The WholeDog Journal, has 465.8K views per month.

Whole Dog Journal web
Whole Dog Journal website.

US Weekly

US Weekly magazine about celebrities has a volume of 27.3 million visits per month.

US Weekly website
US Weekly website.


If you still had doubts about whether WordPress is suitable for websites with large volumes of visits, you have already seen that, for example, the US Weekly website created in WordPress has more than 27 million monthly visits. Quite an impressive figure, don’t you think?

And if you want to see some more examples of celebrity websites in WordPress, don’t miss this post.

Featured image by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash.

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