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What are Social Templates?

Social Automations adds two kinds of automations to Nelio Content: Publication and Reshare. Both functionalities create social messages automatically using social templates. You can define these templates in the Social Templates tab within Nelio Content » Settings.

In addition to it, some messages that are automatically generated contain relevant sentences extracted from your content.

Social Templates
You can easily customize the publication and reshare social messages using the Social Templates tab in Nelio Content’s Settings.

A social template includes the text pattern a social message must follow. Examples of templates are:

  • {title} {permalink},
  • {title} {tags} {excerpt}{permalink},
  • Don’t miss @avillegasn’s new post: {title}#amazing ?  {permalink}

In the first one, a social message that follows the pattern will show the title ({title}) and the link ({permalink}) of the post that is shared in that message. The second one includes also the tags and excerpt of the post ({tags} {excerpt}). And the last one contains a text fragment –Don’t miss @avillegasn’s new post:– and between the title and the link, there is a text –#amazing– and an emoji (? ).

Furthermore, a social template includes information about some filters that must be applied when generating messages:

  • The social network or social profile in which the messages will be shared,
  • The Author of the associated post (Any, by default),
  • The category of the associated post (Any, by default).

As an example, the fourth template you can see in the Publications section of the previous screenshot indicates that it will only apply to social messages whose associated posts have Antonio Villegas as author. In addition to it, the messages generated for that template will be only shared in Twitter.

When you apply that template to the post A Bright Future For WordPress Depends on Today’s Actions, whose author is Antonio Villegas, Social Automations generated a tweet like this at its publication:

Example of Tweet
Example of tweet that was automatically generated by using a social template.

By default, automatisms for Publication and Reshare define the following template for all social networks:

  • {title} {permalink}

It’s important to note that some templates only make sense for Publication messages and not Reshare ones. For instance, the text “New post” does not make sense when you want to reshare old contents. That’s why you have the distinction on the templates list.

And it’s worth to mention that you can always exclude your posts from the process of automatically resharing them:

Setting for excluding posts from auto resharing
Exclude a post from auto resharing using the setting in the Social Media box while editing the post in WordPress.

Finally, you may be interested on how to create social templates or how to delete them.