Laura Sacco

Laura Sacco – WProfessional of the Month

The WordPress community is huge, with members from all over the globe and completely different backgrounds. Today, we interview Laura Sacco, a member of the Italian WordPress Community and a Global Translator Editor.

Uintah Climbing

Nelio Content Marketing Plan VII – SEO Strategy

Continuing with our marketing plan, in this post we explain our SEO strategy. This strategy involves a keyword research, deciding how we’ll use these keywords, defining our success metrics, and describing how we’ll measure and validate these metrics.


Nelio Content Marketing Plan VI – Webdesign

In this post, as part of our marketing plan for the launch of Nelio Content, we describe the request for proposal for the design of our new website. We also discuss some of the discussions we had during the design process.

Shoppers by Danny Molineux

Nelio Content Marketing Plan V – Buyer Persona

In this post, the fifth in the series of posts in which we explain, step by step, our strategic and marketing plan for the launch of Nelio Content, we explain the process that has been followed to identify and create our buyer persona: the fictional portrait that helps us define our types of customers to know them better and to design actions focused on results.

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Nelio Content Marketing Plan III – Training

Before starting a marketing plan in any startup, you need a minimum training on marketing. Luckily, there is lots of very interesting information on marketing written by professionals with extensive experience in the matter. In this post I’ll review what has been most useful to us to achieve “the minimum requirements” we needed, in the order in which I would have liked to learn it.