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Nelio Content Marketing Plan III – Training

Before starting a marketing plan in any startup, you need a minimum training on marketing. Luckily, there is lots of very interesting information on marketing written by professionals with extensive experience in the matter. In this post I’ll review what has been most useful to us to achieve “the minimum requirements” we needed, in the order in which I would have liked to learn it.

Fernando Tellado

Fernando Tellado – WProfessional of the Month

One of the most successful things we were doing in one of our previous blogs was interviewing WordPress professionals. So we’ve decided to share our interviews to all our English-speaking readers. In this post, we interview Fernando Tellado, one of the most influencing and interesting people in the Spanish Community.

Deleting Editorial Tasks

Norman Doors, The Design of Everyday Things, and Better UX

Doors are easy to operate—either you push or pull it to open it, right? And yet, there’s plenty of doors we fail to open on our first attempt, making it necessary to add Push/Pull signs on them. So, if opening a door is not that easy, what about using a computer program? In this post, I review the book “The Design of Everyday Things”, by Don Norman, which has some beautiful insights about design.

Female Track Athletes at Starting Line

Nelio Content Marketing Plan I – The Idea

This is the first entry in a series in which I’d like to share Nelio’s strategic and marketing plan for the launch of our new product, Nelio Content. My idea is to very pragmatically explain the various issues we consider based on our own experiences. Today, we’ll quickly review the history of Nelio Software and how we came up with the idea of Nelio Content.

Jumping Man

Is It a Success or a Failure to Merge Our Blogs?

We have decided to merge all our blogs and websites into Nelio’s website. This decision has not been easy and has raised several challenges that, in my opinion, are worth sharing. So, in this post I would like to explain a little of the history of what we, the Nelio team, have experienced during the past three years and why we have come to where we are today.

Kids jump again by Loren Kerns

What Success Means to Nelio A/B Testers

With Nelio free trial, you can easily extend that number of page views by completing some actions and one of them is to explain your goals and what success means to you. In this post, we’ve compiled what success means to our Nelio A/B testers!