Writing, by Ben Timney

How to Write a Perfect Introduction

People read about 20% of your post. Is your post 1.5K words long? Your readers will skim through it and read about 300 words. If you want to engage with your audience, you’d better write the perfect introduction—it might be the only thing they read about your post anyway!

Surfers picture by delfi de la Rua

Free Resources to Learn WordPress

On the internet you’ll find many resources where you can learn WordPress for free. This post compiles some courses, videos, workshops, and tutorials with which you can become a WordPress pro without spending money.

Petya Raykovska, by Luca Sartoni

Petya Raykovska – WProfessional of the Month

Petya Raykovska is one of the most active members in the WordPress community. She’s part of the WordCamp Europe team and one of the coordinators in the WordPress Polyglots team. Don’t miss this beautiful interview!