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The completely irrelevant “99.9 service uptime” guarantee by GoDaddy

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never used GoDaddy so I have zero complaints about their service. And maybe other WP hosting providers have a similar policy in place but this is the one I just ran into when looking at their new pricing plans and I think it’s worth highlighting.

If you look at that pricing page, you’ll see one of the features GoDaddy includes in all plans is a 99.9 uptime guarantee (quite good since clearly a 100% is a panacea). But when I see this kind of guarantees, the question that immediately pops up in my mind is: so what if they break this promise? What’s in for you (the client that trusted his web, and with it maybe most of his business income, to them because of that uptime guarantee)?

Well, if you look their terms and conditions (section 7) you quickly realize that their guarantee is completely irrelevant since they can break it at basically no cost. In short, the hosting agreement says (my interpretation) that : they are the ones that decide when the uptime was less than 99.9, not you (and btw, they are not responsible if the crash was because things “beyond their control” or due to the “reliability of certain programming environments” among others) and if it happens (not sure if they will send you an email alert since they are the only ones that can decide that it did) you can only request a 5% credit of your fee for that month and must use it to buy other products from them.

Looks like a good deal to me. Maybe I should start making some promises myself, break them and entice you to buy other products from us at a 5% discount.

Jordi CabotThe completely irrelevant “99.9 service uptime” guarantee by GoDaddy
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  • Brent - February 5, 2014 reply

    GoDaddy is a big joke as far as hosting is concerned. They promise all sorts of stuff but if you look closely you’d see that almost everything on their site has an asterisk* lol.

    It seems it’s always money first for GoDaddy. They wanted to charge my client $150 to get a site’s backup (less than 200mb) restored and that was just ridiculous.

  • Shane Labs - August 3, 2014 reply

    That’s a huge bummer because GoDaddy does have horrible uptime. I guess they realized if they honored their guarantee they’d be out of business. Last time I benchmarked GoDaddy for reliability they came in last place:

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