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Funniest comparison between Drupal and WordPress ever!

This is by far the best presentation on the differences between Drupal and WordPress I’ve ever seen. Not only because of the content (which is true and I totally agree with it) but also because of the funny way the information is presented.

The author is Kevin Jones and it was originally presented at Reno Wordcamp 2011. Kevin summarizes the presentation as follows: “A quick talk on some of the major differences between WordPress 3 and Drupal 7. Looks quickly as the differences: website creation time, user management, permissions, server resources, multisite, themes, user friendliness and out of the box. Be warned: this presentation contains slides of poorly drawn, dead sloths and chocolate rain flavored cupcakes. No sloths were harmed in the making of this presentation.”. Enjoy!

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Jordi CabotFunniest comparison between Drupal and WordPress ever!
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  • Ayesh - October 27, 2013 reply

    Ha! Funniest indeed. He didn’t mention any of the Views, Panels, and other customizing abilities in Drupal though.

    migratetowp - October 27, 2013 reply

    You’re right though many of the things that not long ago only Drupal was offering are now also available in WordPress thanks to the use of plug-ins.

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